for how long can a hard drive last ? how many years ? can it last 10 years ? even 15 years?

I have a desktop with 3 hard drives
1-hitachi 500 gb
2-wd 1tb
3-wd 2tb
and I want to install onother one in the next months

but I want to khnow how long can a hdd live?

can a hard drive last 10 years? even 15 years?
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  1. Some of them will, but not all or even a majority. It also depends on how they're handled.

    Remember that HDDs can fail at any time, and you should always have at least one backup.
  2. A hard drive CAN live past 10 years, kind of like how a human CAN live past 100.

    As far as average life expectancy for a drive that was not dropped or abused, I would say that to be around 4-6 years.
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    HDD can live for 0 minutes (DOA) or many years, depends on the manufacturer, model and operating environment.

    I have 32GB SCSI-1 drive still going strong after 10 years.
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