Why does i5 4570 show more of a overclock performance than 4590??

Why does i5 4570 show more of a overclock performance than 4590?? The i5 4590 is newer, and has more ghz clocks thant he 4570, so why does CPUBOSS show that 4570 overclocks better than 4590? i5 4570 is 3.2ghz - 3.6 turbo and 4590 is 3.3ghz - 3.7ghz .. i don't understand.
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  1. Don't use CPU boss. It is a very unreliable source, other than looking up specs.
  2. Also, will the i5 4590 with a 3.3ghz stock clock last about 6+ years without lags?
    Do all motherboards have the same gaming, streaming, video making performance? Would this be a good choice for motheboard with the 4590? And is the stock cpu cooler good for long times of gaming?


  3. The performance difference between all the i5 4xxx is pretty minimal. You really wouldn't notice any difference. For 6+yrs I would look into a Xeon 1231v3 instead. Basically an i7 4770 without the integrated graphics. Motherboard matters little to performance of the CPU, anymore. Only exception is when talking K series chips with overclocking Z97 boards. For locked CPU's, an H97 that has the features you want is good enough. The Gigabyte H97 gaming 3 is a nice board. That H97 pro4 isn't bad either. The gaming 3 has M.2 slot for future SSD upgrade and killer lan. If neither of these matter, the pro 4 is fine.
  4. i5 4570 - 3.2 to 3.6GHz

    i5 4690 - 3.3 to 3.7GHz

    That's their specs. The higher figure is its boost speed, not overclock speed.

    Neither are designed to be overclocked.

    The i5 will last 15 years. But you'll want something better after 3 years.

    The stock cooler will be fine.

    There's not much difference in performance from motherboards. The ASRock H97 Pro 4 will be fine.
  5. @logainofhades - What is killer lan and M.2 slot? Are they even worth looking into are they going to make a difference in performance?

    Does alc 892 and alc 1150 sound fuzzy, and what's the difference between them, do they sound the same? What's the difference between channel 7 and 8 on motherboard audio?

    So the 4590 is BETTER than the 4570 in every way??

    How many Ghz of cpu do most games use currently? I have a laptop that has 1.4 Ghz and it's pretty slow, but only when it overheats.

    Should i just get the 4460 which is 3.2 ghz - 3.4 turbo, it's the newest i5 that is haswell refresh. Do locked cpus that have turbo overclock on their own if they need to? How does the turbo work?
  6. The 4590 is a newer version of the 4570. It is slightly better.

    alc 892 and especially 1150 are very good - better than low end sound cards.

    Its more the number of cores than the GHz that determines performance.

    The 4460 is OK too.

    Turbo is where the CPU overclocks itself if it is given some hard work to do.
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    Killer lan is supposedly a faster ethernet solution. M.2 slot is for new and upcoming SSD's. Instead of SATA 6, it runs on the faster PCI-E bus.
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