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I want to copy 50GB files from my 3.0 USB Flash Memory into MyCloud Mirror 8TB. So I have connect the flash memory into the 3.0 USB port of WD MyCloud Mirror device and access the folders from my Windows Desktop file browser and performed the copy process. The transfer file speed was starting from Mb/s and then decreased to 355kb/s (like old dialed up phone speed!). This would need weeks to finish. Hence, any possible tips/hints to have the optimum process?

Appreciate your reply please. Thanks.
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  1. Hi there walfudhaili,

    The USB port is intended to be an expansion slot. When Windows is used to copy files, the traffic is routed through the computer first, and then back to the WD MyCloud. So it may be faster to use the USB drive on the computer to transfer directly to the NAS since the WD MyCloud does not feature a native file/folder manager.

    You should also install the latest firmware update from here:

    Hope this will help,
  2. Hello D_Know_WD,

    Thanks for your replay and valuable hint I think that would help a lot but unfortunately I have connected my new Mac Pro laptop to install WD My Cloud Mirror and during the setup process something weird happened that I lost my drive hard disk capacity which it is 8TB turned into ZERO and could not further access the device. I thought initially the problem is from Mac OS compatibility issue so I switched back to my other Windows PC to access WD My Cloud Mirror via “WD My Cloud Mirror Dashboard (WUC245002314)” but found that after logging in, the CPU utilization is 99% while the two WD Hard lights are off and the program automatically start the formatting process (but no actual progress even for long waiting hours), I hope there is a solution for that.
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    Have you directly attached the WD My Cloud to the Mac? If so, some reformatting may have happened. The file system oh drives may change if connected lets say from Windows to OS. My suggestion will be to set up the device on the Windows computer lets say and access it from both computers through the internet network but not direct connection.
    Is there any important information on the drives? If not I would suggest you to reboot the device and format the drives. You can reboot when you go to Device Maintenance and then click on Reboot.

    How to format:

    Let me know if that will help,
  4. Hello D_Know_WD,

    Yes, I did as I have thought that will speed up my file transfer from DropBox folder. Anyway, Thanks for the advice it worked perfectly. Now I am looking for away on how to migrate my data from DropBox directly to WD My Cloud Mirror 8TB without going to copy from PC to WD My Cloud Mirror via my home ADSL router which would take very long time. Thanks and much appreciate your valuable support.
  5. Glad you were able to sort your issue out.

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