Installing SSD from my laptop into Desktop, won't allow me to boot

So I bought a 2.5 inch SSD that I installed into my laptop a while ago. Im selling my laptop, but wanted to keep my Windows 8.1 setup without having to reformat and install everything again, so I took my SSD out and put it into my old desktop. My desktop has the following specs:

MSI P7N Platinum
350 GB HDD currently installed with windows 7 installed
750W PSU
I dont know what else is relevant..

When I go into setup I can see both drives show up under SATA. When I try to boot from the SSD though it says "reboot and select proper boot device". Even if I disconnect the HDD with win 7 and only have my windows 8 SSD connected it gives me the same error.

Am I not doing something correctly'/
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  1. It could be because you can't do that. You need a fresh install of Windows if you want to use the SSD.
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    Hey there, r0arshach!

    My suggestion would be to set the SATA controller in BIOS to IDE or AHCI mode, and boot the new drive. Swapping those might work for you, afterwards you can switch it back to the previous SATA mode. Here's a tutorial that might help you:
    Which OS drive is set as number one in the boot priority in BOIS?
    Another thing you can do is make sure the drive you want to boot from is connected to SATA port 1 (usually on most motherboards this SATA port is supposed to be the master one).
    You've mentioned that you already did that, but I'd disconnect the HDD again and leave the SSD, then boot to diskpart to see if the Windows partition is marked as "Active". I think this link on how to perform a startup repair might be useful as well:

    Keep me posted. Hope this helped!
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