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I have a a8 6600k and a FM2 A75MA 35 but for some reason am bunable to adjust the cpu voltage, the cpu voltage in bios does not affect actual voltage, and raising the clock speed increases it automatically. any help?
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  1. Did you disable turbo core? Cool and quiet? CPU voltage will fluctuate regardless of manual or automatic settings when displayed in Windows, especially if Turbo core and cool and quiet are enabled. That's not necessarily a bad thing so long as automatic adjustments to voltage are kept below acceptable limits.

    If you are going to manually overclock it's a good idea to disable Turbo core (You can either leave cool and quiet on or disable it.) and set windows power scheme to performance if you want automatic adjustments kept to a minimum.
  2. i disabled c1, turbo core, all powersaving fetures and set the cpu voltage (only voltage option in bios) to 1.408, if i set the clock to 4.3 ghz then the system runs at 1.45 volts and if i set it to 4.4 ghz it runs at 1.47 volts
  3. What is your BIOS version? If it's lower than 2.3 update it from the following link and see if the issue persists:

  4. yep im running v2.2 do you have any tips for me before i flash the bios, ive never done it before and ive heard its really risky
  5. It used to be, but not so much anymore. Still, you need to follow the steps exactly as outlined. I'd recommend using the Liveupdate 5 utility provided by MSI.
  6. two things: mflash andn liveupdadte dont work, and i found a bios setting called cpu core voltage, BUT ITS GREYED OUT
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