Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 5 VS MSI Z97 MPower Vs ASUS Maximus VII Range

Which of these motherboard should i go for??
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  1. I like the asrocks I got then my next choice would be the gigabyte

    good luck
  2. I'd recommend Asus M7 Ranger, great VRMs, heatsinks, power phases, amazing price. Feature ladden too, like the other two. Plus its ROG (nothing extra-ordinary here though)!
  3. I like the Gaming 5 , and the ROG board.
  4. I would have to dislike you a lot to recommend asus

    look around here at msi and the bios issues with them then look at all the asrock and giga issues and see who got what in what your looking for in a board
  5. I was unable to comprehend that, but, I'd go for M7 Ranger then GB G5 then MSI MPower. MSI has been dealing with some QC issues lately, not sure if they're still around, but Asus and GB hold a place above it in my list.
  6. Best answer
    I have 2 Z97 ASUS boards VII Hero , and a Gigabyte Z97 UD5H BK with no issues.
  7. some folks grt lucky asus is not the asus I grew up with now its high on hype low on quality and lets face it asus threads here out number the rest 100 to 1
  8. just asus red light threads = 310024 results:

    I mean wow
  9. I have 2 Sabertooth rev 2 990FX boards , one is my son's , and they are still running strong the only bad board I received was for a friends build a few years ago it was an Asrock Extreme 6 Z77.
  10. Not sure if you have a bad experience with Asus, but IMO, it's MoBos are top-notch in quality and great for OCing. Quality heatsinks on most OCing MoBos (with Intel atleast), and some useful BIOS features.
  11. well ok all he got to do is research these threads and see whos got the issues
    I know its not my money being spent here
  12. Exactly ^
  13. heres another thing i look at is the support who gives or got what

    i lokk at a asus bios and theres like 13 bios up dates for it and then lets say i go to asrock or gigabyte on the same borad that was released at the same time as the asus and see theres only 4 bios updates i got to look at the asus having a stability issue same board same chipset and all but theres needs all them bios updates??? then see all the issues threads here at toms ??? ya somthings up with that deal
  14. I never do BIOS updates unless needed , most are not needed.
  15. don't get me wrong I used asus for years as well as giga but asus is just living off there old reputation I got friends that were asus only folks and now don't fool with them

    its all personal preference on what you feel is right for you and you don't know for sure until you buy it and try it yourself .. I just know what been giving the headaches around here and what has not and this is just not my own stuff I get to see and deal with
  16. ^Simply enough, you had your opinion, we respect that. Our recommendation doesn't make Asus the best of all, but bad experiences doesn't make it low quality either.
  17. bad experiences doesn't make it low quality either. ????????? one board with a issue is a bad experience but several is a different story and when theres 3x as many threads coming in like here at toms compaired to the other brands of the same type board where aer you at then ??bad experiences

    its so funny that I can just read the threads title and determine what brand board it is just by that cause its the same issues I see here with them

    but hay just take in all you can on what you what and do as you feel is best for you .. and it will work as you expect or it wount

    good luck
  18. Asus is a good brand or not is out of the scope of this thread, I recommended what I felt like the best. You're free to recommend yours as long as you don't disregard others. Saying 'GB will be my choice over Asus' is fine but saying 'GB will be my choice over Asus as its low quality' certainly will trigger an unwanted debate, one in which I'm unwilling to participate, let's just end it here, about the quality of Asus boards.
  19. would rather go for MSI z97 g55 SLI :D
  20. I think gigabyte is price/power better of all MOBOs. I had non problems in my whole life with gigabyte, but I had non problems with ASUS as well. With MSI me and my girlfriend, we had problems twice with MOBO and once with Laptop.....that's abou my bad/good experiences. Next.....I'm up for Gigabyte MOBO... for example GIGABYTE G1.Sniper Z97 is very decent MOBO for nice price actualy, same at ASUS MAXIMUS VII RANGER/HERO. So here depends on what you like more :) Maybe MSI Z97 GAMING 7 is decent as well :) And ifyou do not know which to take, just do it like, me, flip the coin :D
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