Windows cannot be installed to this disk. No other answers in this forum helped

This is acer laptop with i5 processor.
when I select SATA mode: AHCI, my hard disk is displayed as : IDE0: WDC WD5000LPVX....
When I select SATS mode IDE, this hard disk is not displayed anymore, anywhere, not even in boot menu. So Going through the windows installation process, no disk is displayed in "where do you want to install windows?" option, along with "no disk drivers found warning."

problem is, when i try to install in AHCI mode, in windows installation wizard, it says, windows cannot be installed to this disk." I have tried formattting, deleting disk and again creating new partition. Nothing helped.
Please suggest me, if my connection is "IDE0: WDC.............", should i select IDE mode or AHCI ? If I need to go IDE, why i cant see any disk even in boot meu in bios in this option ?? HELP
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  1. are you loading the chipset drivers during the installation?
  2. what version of windows?
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