Which CPU Cooler Will Fit My PC case?

Hi, I'm recently thinking about building a new computer.
For some personal reason I'm unable to change the case but to stick with Compaq Presario CQ5110F Mid-size ATX case. 38.4×16.58×42.9 cm (15.12×6.53×16.89 inches).
Any recommendation on what CPU cooler that will fit the case? It seems like Hyper 212 EVO (159mm) won't fit this 165mm width case. My budget on cooler is around $60. Wonder which smaller fan can do the best job. I'm not planning on overclocking but maybe some heavy usage.

CPU: i5-4690K
MoBo: B85M-G43
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4)
GPU: GeForce GTX 760

Also, do anyone have any idea about how much wider the case should be for the cooler to fit?
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  1. No idea. Compaq don't say. Another reason to use a custom case eg corsair 230T - they say how big cooler and vga card can fit in it.
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    You cannot OC on a B or H MoBo, you'll need a Z MoBo for that. And I'm certain most erect coolers won't fit in the case. Also, the Intel stock coolers are fine for the CPU unless you want to OC, I'd advise getting an af one only if you're getting annoyed by stock cooler's noise or you plan to OC (you need a Z MoBo for that). The case should be atleast 20cm wide for convential coolers to fit. Moreover, Corsair Veng is known to obstruct in CPU cooler installations, due to its tall heatspreaders, I'd replace that with LP or Pro or G.Skill Ares/ Trident/ RJZ/ RJX.
  3. Measure inside the case to determine how high the cooler can be.
  4. I guess I'll really have to learn more about the physical compatibility.
    BTW I wonder how the RAM differs when it have same size and same brand..
    Thank you for answering :D
  5. The RAM differs in Speed, Latency, timings and indeed size too. The Veng series has tall heatspreader:

    ^The spikes like thing in the image, and if you observe carefully, the RAM slots on MoBo are next to Chip, and putting a low clearance cooler over it would result in an obstructions by those heatspreaders.
  6. Got it, I'll look into it.
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