Should I upgrade my PC or build a new one?

I am contemplating building a new computer for around $1100. But it would be cheaper to upgrade the computer I have now. My current pc's specs are:
i3 2120
Gigabyte Z77-D3H 1155 Motherboard
GTX 660 SC
8GB RAM 1600Mhz
500w CM PSU
Antec 300 Case
Windows 7

I know my current build is rather cheap and old. But I feel like it would be easier to build a new one. The new computers specs would be:
i7 4790k
MSI Z79 Motherbaord
GTX 970 SC
600W Power Supply
Cosair 400r
Windows 8.1

I am looking to play Far Cry 4 and the new Borderlands game on ultra with good fps. Thanks for your input!
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    Just throw a second or third gen i5 or i7 in your board, you can find one on ebay cheap, I don't really see anything else needed to upgrade. You could get an SSD and bump the memory to 16GB.
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