FM2 Motherboard for overclocking

I want to overclock my a8-6600k to 4.3-4.5ghz . Which of the budget motherboards can achieved that clock speed at stable manner?

A58 Chipset
-MSI A58M-E33
-Gigabye F2-A58M-DS2

A75 Chipset
-MSI A75MA-E35
-Gigabyte F2-A75M-DS2

A78 Chipset
-MSI A78M-E35
-Gigabyte F2-A78M-HD2

A88X Chipset
-MSI A88X-E33
-Gigabyte F2-A88X-HD3
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  1. Why do you suggest only gigabyte and MSI board ? are you limited in your choice ? Asrock and Asus both offer good value board.

    Do you plan on getting a video card of will you use IGP ? if IGP high frequency RAM is a must. So you need also to consider this.
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