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Hey guys,

I don't know if this is the best place to ask for help but for a few months now my desktop has been restarting when I play certain video games, the more taxing the quicker the restart hits. For instance I can play Dragon Age Origins for about 30-45 minutes but for Shadow of Mordor I last about 10-15 minutes. First I thought it was my CPU overheating, so I applied new thermal paste, Geeksquad told me that the temps were in range with the CPU I have. I thought then that maybe the GPU was the problem and sent it in for an RMA describing the issue. I got the new card and I still have the same issue. My last thought now is that my PSU is failing but I don't know how to check for failure. I also don't know what else could be the problem if the PSU isn't the issue. I'm not very good with computers and have learned more in the last 2 months just trying to fix this issue than I have in years that I have been PC gaming. Would really appreciate some help though, Thanks,

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    Hard reboots like that are usually either heat, power supply issue or possibly RAM. If, as you describe, more taxing games crash the computer quicker, then it's much more likely to be heat or power.

    How have you been checking your temps? I usually use HWmonitor and you can then keep an eye on your temps while playing.

    Also, what make and model power supply do you have, and what's the rest of your hardware? Your probably definitely falls into the range of issues that can be caused by a cheap powersupply.
  2. I use CPUID to check temps, Geeksquad says my CPU temps are ok but they idle at 60 C in bios and around 80 C in games. I still think that is high, as does almost every post I've seen with regards to CPU's overheating. I have an intel i5 2400 CPU 3.1 Ghz. I'm not sure how cheap the power supply is brand wise, it is 750W so its given me plenty of power up until now. I know ram isnt the problem, because games I had been playing with no issue for years now have the issue.

    Update: Found a source on Intel that confirms my CPU isnt overheating until its over 100C, the PSU on the otherhand is a XION 700W, looks like it's a cheap brand... Is there a way I can confirm that it is the failure?
  3. Is your PSU this one?

    Unless you have a friend who you can borrow a decent PSU from, there's no way of categorically proving the issues are PSU related. However, a decent PSU is fundamental to building a decent PC. Do yourself a favour and go buy a decent one. Honestly, there's a very good chance that it will straight up fix your issue, but even if it doesn't, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable PSU at the heart of your rig. A good PSU now will still be a good PSU in 4-5 years, so it's not like other bits of hardware that date quickly. If you tell me what GPU you're running and whether you want the option of adding a second GPU down the track I can recommend a powersupply for you.

    While I agree those temps aren't throttling, yet, there's no way 60 degrees at idle is acceptable IMHO. That's waaay too high. Check for dust buildup around the CPU heatsink, those things can get completely clogged with dust. If it all looks clear, add tube of thermal paste to the PSU order and, when it arrives, remove the heatsink and the old paste and reapply... google or youtube replacing paste for some guides.
  4. My GPU is an EVGA 660 ti 3G. I was thinking the same thing about the power supply, its a good idea to just get that out of the way before it does some real damage. While I also feel the same about the CPU the manufacturer website clearly said it's typical operating temp is around 73 C. So I don't know. But I would really appreciate a recommended PSU.
  5. Sorry, been away and about to go away again.

    If you haven't sorted this already, I'd go:
    either this Seasonic:
    or if you're happy with MIRs, this XFX is higher quality for just $5 more (after MIR)
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