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Hi all, I am trying to use my sony ty and sony str dn840 surround receiver over hdmi with the pc, the receiver has a hdmi passthrough to the tv. When I connect it to the pc (ati 6870) I get display and also sound however I only ever get stereo surround, and never 5.1, from my research the receiver should show up in ccc as a display, however its not and only the tv is showing up. Hence the reason why it only outputs stereo as thats all the tv supports. Im just wondering if anyone has had this issue or knows of a work around for it?

Many thanks

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  1. I want to say it's your sound card, but even if it is, there should be a workaround. By no surround do you mean some speaker aren't working, or just playing same as the others? There should be a setting on your receiver, maybe the speakers are turned off? Mine has a button on the remote that says stereo, and switches between surround, stereo and mono. Also, what are you trying to watch, some digital files are hard-coded in stereo and there's nothing you can do besides having the the two left and two rights speakers play the same things (configurable on your receiver).
  2. Thanks for the reply the display on the reciever is only ever saying 2.0 but it auto decodes what ever it gets sent if that makes sense. The files im trying to play are definately surround sound the films I have played, if I stream them to the tv through a media server it is then jn surround sound but when played direct from the pc they are then only in 2.0 from what I have read when connected from hdmi the should do a kind of handshake and the reciever should pass on the info of what audio types it can recieve but it seems the pc is only recognising the tv and not the reciever. I can get the reciever to play from all speakers but it is not true surround just playing same audio from front and back.

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    Maybe the software is not compatible. I'd suggest googling the hardware and see if any other forums pop up.
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