why is my gpu saying its working at max performance with only giveing me 60fps in csgo when earlier this week it was giveing m

my gpu on msi after burner is at 99 percent but only giveing me 60 fps when it was giveing me 150+ yesterday ???????? pls help my gpu is a gtx 560 cpu amd 6300
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  1. Have you applied VSync?
  2. no it off
  3. Theee11 said:
    no it off

    Have you tried benchmarking other games and comparing results from before to now?
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    If that is a constant 60 FPS, v-sync is on somewhere, be it in game or forced on in the control panel.

    If it is just around 60 FPS, then it may be off, but I'd look at setting differences. Perhaps you forced on SSAA or some other such insanely demanding settings, or you have changed your resolution choice/down sampled.

    Are you playing in the same area. Some maps are different, and online vs single player in particular, things will be different.

    If it isn't the above, and it is showing 99% usage, I suspect you have a virus.
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