Please assist with cpu cooler, RAM, mobo, PSU

I just purchased a 5930k processor from microcenter as a long awaited upgrade from a 955 black edition AMD processor. My last build was over 7 years ago.
I have a full tower Antec 1200 case which has a lot of room. Considering its 7 yrs old, should i replace with a newer full tower case or replace any fans. I love the size of the tower and all the blue LED's on the fans, but just hate how difficult it is to clean the 3 front filters. I will never go smaller than a full tower.
I have a 780TI dual classified EVGA graphics card.
I'm looking for advice on several items.
First, the best cooler for my CPU/case. I have never used liquid cooling but have seen the corsair h105 rank pretty high in test results (on sale now at newegg for $99. However it only seems to perform on par with some of the best air coolers and makes more noise even though it may allow for higher overclocks than standard air coolers. More interesting is the Swiftech 220X open loop cooler. It seems to perform better than all the CLC (H105, H100i, H110, cooler master, and others), and it does so at much lower noise levels. It seems the swiftech provides the best cooling overall and allows for the highest overclocks. The main caveat is that I would fear leakage/destruction of my CPU/mobo. I dont really want to learn about expensive custom liquid cooling loops. Regarding the best AIR coolers, I have seen great results with the Noctua NH-D15, the phanteks PH-TC14PE, and also a newcomer Cryorig R1 Ultimate ($89). One of the test showed the Cryorig beating the NH D15 as well as the PH-TC14PE and the corsair H105 with lowest load temps using prime 95. I am not opposed to forgoing the swiftech and getting any one of these. The swiftech will not block PCIE3 lanes or affect my RAM choice as far as i can tell. However the phanteks PH-TC14PE will force me to use low profile RAM, and I am not sure if it will block the first PCIE3 lane. The cryorig R1 looks phenomenal and by design will probably not have a big impact on RAM but their site does not let me know if it is going to block the first PCIE3 slot. The noctua NH-D15 looks hideous in my opinion though is the most quiet, and it may impact RAM height and if i get the ASUS Rampage it will block the first PCIE3 slot. The price on the cooling solution is not really an issue, but I will need to make sure any RAM I get will fit without hitting against the cooling solution. I want to make sure my cooling solution will do an excellent job if I want a mild OC to 4.2gHz.

As far as the MOBO, I am planning on getting either the ASUS x99 deluxe or the rampage although they seem quite overpriced currently since they are so new. They have a lot of nice features that are probably a few years before their time so it will allow for some futureproofing. I have an SSD I bought (samsung EVO 840 pro) last year that I havent been able to use yet so i'm dying to get this build completed. If you find another exceptional MOBO for much cheaper please let me know.

I would also appreciate advice on any good ddr4 RAM deals (dont think I will purchase more than 16gb with the prices so high).

Finally will I need a new PSU? I have a Corsair TX 850w PSU from around 7 years ago and not sure if its going to be compatible. Feel free to recommend a good PSU that is at least 850w-1000w depending on if i add another GPU
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  1. The dust problem isn't going away and regardless of the case, if it has good filtration you're going to have to clean filters, otherwise, you're going to have to clean hardware.

    The only other option is to get the dust out of the air in the environment around the rig by making sure the room is as closed as possible to outside contaminants, use some kind of air purifier with it's own filtration to limit the amount of particulates in the rooms air or change the case cooling setup to a configuration with extreme positive pressure to reduce the amount of dust entering the case to start with. Even then, it's inevitable that you're going to have to still clean the filters occasionally.

    Personally, I think that's a decent case and I'd reuse it.
  2. I'd go with the Noctua or the Cryorig, both are great and in my opinion are just as good as the liquid cooling, especially if you have a good case cooling solution, but make sure your board is capable of supporting the weight as these are giant coolers with a lot of mass.

    The CPU cooler, whether liquid or air, is only as effective as the case cooling is at making sure it gets hot air out of the case and that it provides plenty of cool air for the CPU cooler to use. Negative pressure is more efficient and performs better with extreme overclocking, but again, it also invites more dust into the equation. So you have to choose your poison.

    I'd go with the Noctua. On the test results of several testing sites, the Noctua beat the Cryorig at stock clocks while at idle and at 100% load. Also on a 4.5ghz overclock at idle and at load. It was also a couple of decibels quieter at all speeds. I've used several different recently released coolers over the last six months and have been happier overall with the Noctuas, regardless that they're ugly.

    I've sold the other coolers to clients. Also, the DH-15 has better RAM clearance and you can move the outer fan upwards a bit if necessary. The heatsink is undercut at the bottom of both sides so even if you have Dimm slots on both side of the board it will clear most RAM modules. The Cryorig is a damn good cooler too, but you'll likely run into clearance issues with it long before you will with the Noctua.
  3. Unless you're planning to use an M.2 SSD, the X99 deluxe doesn't really offer much advantage over the X99-A. They have the same 12-phase VRM circuitry, eight phases of which are for the CPU. The deluxe also has dual lan, so if you have a brutal enough internet tier that's great, otherwise it's a waste. The deluxe is a hundred bucks more than the A and for a hundred bucks I don't really see M.2 plus dual lan being worth it.
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    Since EVGA recommends a minimum 600w PSU for that 780 TI and the cpu is a minimum 140w TDP recommendation, that Tier 2A 850w Corsair should be fine. I might get hammered over that confirmation though, I'm sure somebody is going to tell me you need 1000w, and if you're going to be overclocking to any worthwhile degree on the CPU, GPU or both, you probably should go higher. Make sure if you do get another PSU it's Tiered high. You probably want only Tier 2A or Tier 1 PSUs for that rig. Tier list is at the following link. Ignore 80plus ratings, they're irrelevant and don't guarantee a solid, or even good, unit.:

    Either of these two units would be fine:

    On the RAM, go with what is compatible, made by Kingston, Crucial or G.Skill and fits your budget.
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