System doesn't power up after installing a new GPU


I was attempting to upgrade my GPU from an old inno3D GTX 470 to a new Gigabyte GTX 970.
After finishing the swap, connecting the power connectors (6 pin and 8 pin) to the GPU and closing the case, I made an unsuccessful attempt at powering up my PC. Nothing happened when the power button was pressed.

So, I took some troubleshooting steps. I went through the "New build won't boot" guide, cleared my CMOS by shorting the jumper as well as removing the battery - by following the motherboard manual, swapping RAM / RAM slots, reviewed that all cables were properly connected. Nothing helped.I then reinserted my old GPU, and that didn't change a thing.

I had a similar problem when reinstalling my build in a new case (Fractal XL). It wouldn't start, despite all my attempts. Then, without warning, it powered up and it was almost as if nothing had happened. It has since then worked perfectly; but I haven't been able to replicate these results.

My computer has the following components:

PSU: Zalman 770W Modular
GPU: GTX 970
CPU: Intel i5 4670k
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87-D3HP

All these components, GPU aside, were installed 1 year ago.

I'd appreciate all help and advice!
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  1. you should try removing old nvidia drivers. Also check that every connector is connected tightly and if you would happen to have spare psu around try that.
  2. I can't power up my computer so removing the drivers isn't in the picture. I've gone over every connector and they all seem fine. I'm getting a new PSU tomorrow afternoon.
  3. so you dont have your old 470 to try to boot with?
  4. I do, but it doesn't boot with that one either. Sounds like a PSU problem, but I hadn't expected it to go bad just from plugging in a new GPU.
  5. Were you grounded when installing new gpu?
  6. Apart from wearing an anti-static wristband, I believe that I was.
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