No display after installing a new graphics card

i bought this gt630 2gb ddr3 64 bit card for my much old pc(i know i need to buy a new one :) ):
Asus p5vd2-vm se its a socket 775 motherboard
2gb ram ddr 2
350watts psu
OS: win xp and win 7 i dual boot it

but after installing it and tried to boot my pc for the first time with this card, there is no display or even the bios post test didnt show up..and theres no board beeping for errors and the cpu is running just alright coz the cpu fan is working. I did some research on the compatibility of this card before buying coz my board only has pcie 1.0 slot version..and this card is requiring a v 2.0 slot..but they say there would be no problem coz it is backward compatible and the minimum psu watts required is 300w psu and its also written on the box of this video card so i assumed my psu is just alright.

what could be the problem?
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  1. the slot is fine, your reasoning is correct in that matter.

    Put in your old card again and see if it works straight up, if it does then it is a problem either with your new card, or compatibility issues with the card. putting in the old card is just for me to see if your system still operates after you have upgraded your desktop.
  2. Plug the monitor into the onboard video and reboot. If the monitor works you may need to disable the onboard video adapter in the bios.

    Read this link;
  3. yea i tried booting with the onboard video it works fine..and i tried looking into the bios for disabling the onboard video and it seems it has set to detect first the pcie video card if it is available which it didnt work when i inserted my new video card or maybe my motherboard is just too old for this video card?
  4. Not sure if you tried this but have you tried running onboard video with the video card in the slot and trying to enable both, then connect monitor to graphics card. If not working then it is a problem with the card or the card compatibility as I listed before.
  5. i did boot up using the onboard video while the video card is on the pcie slot but theres no display i think it detect the video card coz i dont get display on my onboard video.
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    There isn't much else you can do but return the card unfortunately.
  7. yea i thought so..thanks guys for the help
  8. Glad to have helped interoperate the issue.
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