Do you think this is a good build?

Here is a list of the parts in my build. I would like to try and keep it pretty cheap around how much it is now. Thanks.

$239 : CPU : i5-4690
$175 : Motherboard : Gigabyte Z97X-SLI
$85 : Case : Cooler Master N600
$84 : RAM : 8G Single 1600 Samsung
$75 : SSD : Intel(OEM) 520 - 120G
$61 : HDD : WD Blue - 1TB
$75 : PSU : Coolermaster Thunder - 600 watt
$9 : Wireless Card : USB TP-Link WN725N
$369 : GPU : 2G GTX 770 EVGA- ACX SC

*Those prices are what they were last time I checked, they may have slightly changed by now.
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    Get a GTX 970 over the 770. It is miles better than the 770 for 30$ less.
    As for the motherboard, you don't need Z97 and would do fine with H97 since your CPU is incapable of being OC'd. Don't get samsung memory, get some decent corsair/gskill RAM. everything else looks fine.
  2. You'll also want a 2x4GB memory kit rather then a single stick to enable dual channel memory.
  3. I'd recommend that if you are willing to go with Team Red (Being a fanboy helps no-one) you buy a R9 290. I found a great deal:
    It's a Gigabyte card, and they have an excellent cooler. Also it has great overclocking potential if your into that kinda thing.
    Here's how they stack against one another:
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