can't install the latest gpu driver

i have got an R9 270x and windows 7 64 bit i wanted to download the latest drivers for the gpu i tried downloading them manually and got a massage saying that the version of the program i'm trying to run is not compatible with the windows version
downloaded the Auto Detect driver downloader and got the same Error massage Help !!!!
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    Hi Sir,I am Bharath From India.I have got the Same problem in my Geforce 210.I can tell you how I fixed That.I Hope it works for you and fixes your problem.

    NOTE-Your GPU must have all those wired connected Properly to the Motherboard

    1) Download Driver Booster Free from iObit and Install them (You can make it PRO by learning in Youtube)

    2) At first Open,It will automatically scan for Outdated Drivers

    3) After Searching,It will show the Results and All you have to do is tap 'Update'

    What it basically does is find Missing and Out-dated drivers and install it without any Hassle.It actually will mod some Coding inside those Driver Files.

    After all these,Please restart your PC and It must work Perfect.If My solution fixes your Problem,Please don't forget to make mine as your Best Answer.Thank you
  2. Firstly check for 32 bit n 64bit setup....!!!

    Thn do a full uninstall... Everything!!

    Download manually the drivers.. As for now catalyst 14.9 for Windows 7 64bit will work for you!!
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