external hard disk corrupted

Hello Sir I performed that chkdsk commands but process is stopped at 69 % .waited for 3 data is retrieved .actually how much time will it take?
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    Hey there uttarkarmsrao,

    Depending on the capacity, free space, fragmentation of the drive and the specific chkdsk operation (/f, /r, etc.), it can take more than 10 hours.
    What made you run that command? Do you think there are bad sectors on your drive? If chkdsk hangs there, try restarting and running it again. It might have encountered a bad sector (or more) and has trouble reading them, it could hang like that.
    I would advise you to leave it to see if it will pass the 69% for 1 more hour. If not - restart your system and run it again.

    Keep me updated on how this is going :)

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