gigabyte f2a55m-ds2 wont let me set cpu voltage to manual

as stated above, i don't know how to set my cpu voltage manualy and not auto because it makes my a8-6600k run at 1.8ghz - 4.2ghz (CPUZ reading) i want it to be stable at 4.2ghz. i also disabled turbo boost so the frequency won't fluctuate.

everytime i type 1.3 in bios it returns to auto

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    I would recommend trying Gigabyte's own overclocking software or AMD overdrive. I have really started to prefer programs such as those over messing around in the BIOS. And i know what you mean. That sorta little stuff just frustrated me forever which is what made me turn to more intuitive software for quick overclocking and small tweaks. When I do any serious work I do go into my BIOS though but most of the time software is just as good if not better.

    It's a hella of a lot quicker for sure. (setting profile, booting into Windows, run test, BSOD, back to bios, back to Windows, back to test and possible BSOD, the cycle continues)
  2. when i try to overclock with amd overdrive then run crysis 3 my pc would hang up and restart. but the temp in hw monitor and aida64 shows 51 degrees at max and 37 degrees reading from amd overdrive. i overclock a8-6600k to 4.4ghz w/ 1.290 - 1.312 V reading from CPUZ
  3. Then that probably means it needs more voltage. I've never overclocked an AMD APU before (but I've overclocked several AMD CPUs and GPUs) so I wouldn't know. Might want to go to an FM2 overclocking guide or something along those lines.
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