Asus Fan Xpert 3 - in which folder are custom profiles saved?

I've made a custom profile for my fans with Asus Fan Xpert 3 and now I'd like to make a backup of it. However I can't find the folder it is saved in.

Can anybody help?

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  1. I found out myself :)

    They are placed in:
  2. Where do you get FanXpert? I did a google search and I only found one source to download it from and when I downloaded my anti-virus software was going crazy and deletes it immediately due to harmful program. So I am skeptical taking my chances with that one website. ASUS doesn't have it on their website either, just only information about it.

    Is it only in BIOS or is this a windows based software?
  3. I know this is a old post, but I thought I'd still answer anyways.

    Spitfire, only Asus Mobos have Fan Xpert. Since the Fan Xpert is made specifically by Asus.
  4. tea urchin said:
    Unfortunately,fan Xpert mis reads some cheaper coolers and will only run them at a minimum of 90%,whilst just leaving it off the fan will tick over normally. Shame really.

    I know what you mean. I have stock corsair SP and AF fans that came with my 450D and fan Xpert won't allow my fans below 700 rpm or 35%. But it's fine, since 700rpm is pretty low anyways. It seems like PWM works far better with fan xpert since my PWM fans are at lower RPMs.

    I just hope fan xpert works with corsair AF and SP 120 LED fans i'm planning on getting soon.
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