Why does my battlefield 4 get low fps with gtx 780ti

it is ALWAYS in the smoke and explosions. i dont know what it is and it annoying me! my fps can drop to 38fps in large close up explosions. wtf is wrong? bad gpu? what?? i have latest drivers for my gpu. and done clean install.. done all settings in the nvidia control panel etc. but wtf is going on? everyone else with lower cards get better than me.

Specs are:

CPU: i7-4790k
GPU asus directcu2 gtx 780ti.
MOBO: asus Z97-A.
PSU: cheftek 850W 80+ bronze.
RAM: 16gb 1600MHz (cant remember the make).
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  1. Hmmm, what are your setitngs at?
  2. jty0yt said:
    Hmmm, what are your setitngs at?

    just ultra 4x msaa. no resolution scaling or anything like that...
  3. Are you getting solid 60 plus everywhere else?
  4. jty0yt said:
    Are you getting solid 60 plus everywhere else?

    as long as its not smoke and explosions. then im usually over 130fps... 75 or something lowest. its just strange that everyone else with lowe seems to get higher in the more intense places
  5. nothing?
  6. Could be more a cpu problem...battlefield takes alot of advantage from cpu power..try to unpark the cores i was talking with a guy that had the same problems with that card but it was just bf4..every other game worked fine
  7. Best answer
    I actually fixed the problem. i just turn effect quality from ultra to high. i went from 40s and 38fps to never going below 70fps. and that is with 130% resolution scale now. i think battlefield 4 has a problem with its effects with nvidia cards. stupid game
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