black login screen after updating my graphics card on newly installed intel 730 series ssd drive

I recently bought an intel ssd drive 730 series..installed windows 7 on it. Im in the process of installing all my drivers. Now the issue is whenever I update my graphics driver it prompts me to restart my computer in order for the driver to work properly. I do that but it loads to the black screen of death... Now I realised that I have a geforce gtx 550ti already installed onto my motherboard so that led me to the nvidia website to download the graphics card driver from there. I did that but still leds to the black screen. I then noticed that when went to my device manager I saw that the SM BUS CONTROLLER is missing. Is there a way to download this driver? Or does it even have anything to do with my issue? Im running on an hp pavilion p7 1215b series and if someone can give me some advice as to why my computer screws up everytime i download my graphics driver that'd be awesome..Thank you!
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    its not your issue, that driver is not needed.

    System Management Bus: (SMBus, SMB) A simple two-wire bus used for communication with low-bandwidth devices on a motherboard, especially power related chips such as a laptop's rechargeable battery subsystem (see Smart Battery Data). Other devices might include temperature sensors and lid switches.

    To Install the Intel Chipset drivers go here, or or visit Computer Vendor site.
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