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I'm looking for a wireless USB hub (or adapter, e.g. single port) suitable for use with existing USB keyboards, mice, and other HID controllers (like joysticks or game controllers). I'm looking for something that is basically two components: a transceiver that plugs into a USB port, and another one that I can plug a USB device into. Support for storage and serial devices is not needed. Low latency is important. Windows compatibility is required. Linux compatibility is a bonus. Range about 15-20 feet. Battery powered is OK, wall-powered is also OK - I can run lines to the nearest power outlet but I am trying to avoid lines to the PC.

I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything because searches for "wireless USB" yield thousands of USB WiFi interfaces, which is not what I'm looking for.

I found this ioGear product, the GUWIP204, but it communicates over WiFi - which may work (?) but it has a lot of poor reviews on Amazon and Newegg. I am hoping to find something direct to the USB port on the computer; like a normal wireless keyboard/mouse works (basically I'm looking for a wireless keyboard with a USB port instead of an actual keyboard).

I did find mention of some new-ish technology called, literally, "Wireless USB", but I am not sure if and how this fits in - and it is further complicating my searches.

Does such a thing exist?

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    That doesn't really exist yet.
    But see this:

    And there are many wireless keyboards and mice that will operate over that range.

    Also, possibly this thing:

    No idea at all if or how it actually works.
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