Hi, I would like to which of the 2 is better for GAMING ONLY.
I'm not talking about SATA amount of ports, usb ports or any port.
Just the quality and speed.
Link to MOBO's

I am not looking for overcloking YET. But I do want it to be good for OC too.
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  1. They're both great motherboards however I've heard MSI has poor quality control so I would go for the Asus board.
  2. I'd go for the ASUS Maximus Vii Hero, the quality is top-notch. They also honour warranty requests better than most manufacturers out there (atleast in my experience)
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    Make no mistake the MSI boards are great, I have had ups and downs with both of them. On the upside MSI often includes more features than Asus at the same price point. But then again many of them are simply redundant. The Asus has better audio, but the MSI has better networking so really what are your concerns for your games. Either one is a great choice.
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