New build worked briefly then suddenly shut off and won't post - mobo or PSU, or something else?

Hi guys,

Tuesday night I - with the help of a more experienced friend - built a pretty nice gaming PC. We used a Asus Maximus VII Hero motherboard. Not sure if any other components need to be listed.

We built it, powered it on, everything worked fine. Installed Windows 7, was installing drivers and downloading all of my other stuff when suddenly it just shut off and would no longer post. Pressing the power button does nothing. Pressing the start or reset buttons on the motherboard do nothing.

The lights are on on the motherboard (Start button, reset button, some red lights here and there) but none of the fans or anything will turn on. I had many gaming friends online trying to help me figure out what happened, and we tried many things. Nothing worked.

At first we thought maybe something slipped and came unplugged. Checked all the power cables and everything was plugged in nice and tight.

Maybe the motherboard was grounded? So we lifted it up, checked all the stand-offs and re-installed it. Still nothing.

Took out the video card and put it back in. Nothing.

Took out the RAM and put it back in. Nothing.

I was trying to test the power supply but had no good way of doing so. I did do the paperclip method and the fan in the power supply came on, but some of my buddies seem to think the PSU could still be the culprit. That even though it's providing some power, it's not providing enough, perhaps?

Tonight we are going to put in a different power supply and try that out, but in the meantime, I wanted to see what you guys thought.

Would the motherboard's lights even come on if it was dead? Does this sound like a problem with the mobo or the PSU or something else?

Any and all help is appreciated.

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    Did you get this issue solved? It sounds like a PSU failure almost for certain but since you didn't post any build specs to include model numbers of parts other than the motherboard it's hard to say. If you're still trying to solve this it would help to have the PSU model number.
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