Graphics card r9 280x toxic doesnt fit case!

Hello guys.

I bought my first gaming pc like 3 years ago with these specs

I ve made some small upgrades to it over the years such as adding a dual band wireless card on it, added 2 extra gb of Ram but nothing much really.

So after almost 4 years now I've decided to change a few things, mostly because i had a stock cooler on the cpu and i started getting 80c degrees on it and also because my computer became soooo loud.

So I went and bought a Noctua NH L12 cooler for cpu , new fans for the case (4 Pure Wings 120mm fans and 1 Pure Wing 140mm fan ), some Demciflex dust filters to keep dust away, a new SSD Crucial CT256M550SSD1 256GB and finally a new GPU ( R9 sapphire 280x toxic) spending almost around 400 euros.

Now I ve installed everything really nice in my case , I did proper wiring so I will get the nice airflow and all that. The only problem now is that my case , which I thought it was awesome and big doesn't fit the new GPU!! Yes I know I didnt check the dimensions before I order the new card which it was dumb, but I thought it was ok...
So basically the HDD Cage is blocking the new graphics card. Something like 2 cm . I have no clue if its removable so I will check that in the weekend and let you know guys.

Also I have no clue what my case model is because there is no label or something. Its a black case (duh), with a 120mm fun in front 120 at the back 2 120mm fans at the side and one 140mm on top, in front there are 2 usbs speaker and microphone and something else that is like a usb but wider and it has 2 silver buttons one small one on the right for restart and one to the left a big one for start-up and the front of . I will add a picture later just incase someone knows the model.

So my question is, what do I do now ? I don't want to change my case since i bought all these fans for it and all the dust filters to fit my case. BUT if the Hdd cage is not removable then do you have any suggestions to what case I should buy to fit what I bought in ? Also if the HDD is removable where am I supposed to put my ssd and hdd after I take it out ?

Thank you in advance :)
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  1. You should take a Couple of pictures of the rig. The case and inside the case. I had a similar issue with my graphics card being to large but mine was I had a side fan that I had to take out because it bumped up against my graphics card.
  2. I will post pictures as soon as I finish work and go home! I will update post in a few hours!

    There are the pics:

    I ve realised my hdd cage is not removable btw.. :/
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    Do like i did, take a jig saw to it(the case, not the card for clarification!) with the intentions to upgrade the case eventually lol. I got a XFX R9 280x to fit in a mid tower this way ;)
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