My Seasonic S12II 80plus Bronze 520watts doesn't work (repost)

I repost this since I misclick the "best solution" I might not get any help

I just bought a Seasonic S12II 80plus Bronze 520watts and my cpu won't turn on

This is my build:

ASUS P8H61-M LX R2.0 LGA1155 PCIe 3.0ready
Intel Pentium g630 2.7ghz
Palit GTX 750 TI OC
4gig ram
1 hdd

What I can connect from the PSU are:
24 pin connector x1 (to motherboard)
4 pin connector ATX 12v (to motherboard)
SATA x2 (to 1 hdd and 1 dvd)

I'm confident that I did nothing wrong installing the PSU.
For now I reinstall my old power supply to use my pc now.

Anything wrong why it won't turn on?

*the SB_PWR LED on the motherboard did not lit
*I did not try the paper clip method

If I try the paper clip method can I not make an outright replacement? I just read my receipt and I read that I have 1 week outright replacement
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  1. please delete this, my other thread is now solved. sorry for reposting
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