Can you Play gta 5 on Xbox 360 Kinect 4gb?

I just saw an Xbox 360 kinect 4gb at my neighbor's yard sale I wonder this console play GTA 5 or other non kinect games.
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  1. If its they console and the kinect it will play the games (assuming it works) but if its just the kinect it will not play the games, you also need a console
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    The 4GB model wouldn't have enough space for the game unless he bought a hard drive for it already.

    The cost of a brand new XBOX 360 that has a much larger hard drive probably wouldn't be much more than the used console + an addon hard drive.

    It's about $60 to $100 for an addon hard drive (some of them have poor reviews) but you can buy a brand new bundle with two games for $250:$abcat0701001&cp=1&lp=1

    You're also dealing with no Warranty and a used controller. I suppose the Kinect would add some value if you even care.

    There may be even better deals around, but don't buy a 4GB model.
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