hello i have a gateway laptop thats about 1.1/2 years old i bought new and the hard drive needs to be replaced .i was going to

need advise on how to put windows 8 back on my gateway after I replace hard drive ,I bought it new , didn't know about the back up so I'm trying to save it. cant afford another one.
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  1. I should come with a system backup software. If not, windows has already one integrated.
  2. thank you for responding, I want to buy a similar 500 GB H.D. to replace the one in my laptop probably on eBay or where ever is cheaper ,so your saying it should come with windows 8 on it? I'm retired on a budget so that's why I'm trying to "do it yourself" I think can figure it out just need some guidance I have taken it apart and found the drive locked up now just trying to repair so i really appreciate your advise
  3. Sorry, was a typo.

    No, what i meant is that usually laptops come with system backup software and if not windows already has one. With that you only need a DVD DL to backup your OS and installed programs only, for your personal files you will need to manually backup them.

    With the system backup you will create, you could use it to reinstall your OS and programs in the new disk.
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