HELP: Computer works fine but doesn't boot BIOS on start-up.

My self-built gaming PC starts-up and runs fine but doesn't post or display BIOS. Instead, the monitor stays black until it boots Windows. I was wondering if anybody could help me fix this problem? It's a Gigabyte GA-F2A88X-D3H motherboard. Thanks! Dan.
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    Make sure the splash screen is disabled in the BIOS.
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  3. That's the thing. I can't actually get to the BIOS as it doesn't display when I boot my PC. :/
  4. You need to press whatever key it is that gets you into the system BIOS, blindly, early during that blank screen time. As soon as you restart the system, start tapping that key, repeatedly.

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  5. Just a thought do you have another monitor connected with your main one, mine does this if i have 2 monitors connected the bios will default to one of them, if you do try turning on the other monitor and see if the bios is there.
  6. I tried pressing delete blindly which stopped the PC from booting to Windows and made the screen stay black. I restarted the PC and it wouldn't boot windows at all. I called up a friend of mine who is taking an IT Hardware course at College and his course tutor told me to reset the BIOS by bridging the 2 CMOS pins on the Motherboard with a small screwdriver (Jumping the motherboard). This worked and I was able to access the BIOS on start-up. I then realised that the default graphics was set to the integrated graphics in my CPU rather than my GPU. So I set it to my GPU which completely fixed the problem. Just thought I'd post what happened in case anybody else encountered this problem. Thanks for all your help anyway guys. :)
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