Hard drive swap between two identical laptops?

Okay, so a few years ago, my parents got a free laptop because of a promotion telus was running. My parents told my friends parents, who decided to do the same thing. Now, the battery from my parents laptop is dead, and the screen of my friends is broken. The original plan was to save both, so I took the screen out of my friend's. He was going to order one, but it's been so long and neither family really needs another old laptop, that now we just want to take the hard drive and battery from my friend's and put them in my dad's, and then give the whole working laptop back to my friend, because we really don't need it.
So, my question is: Is it possible to just switch out the hard drive and have it work? The reason I'm worried is that they both came with windows, and I've read that the windows version is tied to HIS computer. Another option would be just using my desktop that I built to move everything on theirs over to my dad's using the hotswap bay. (Or at least i think that's an option...?)
No screen has been ordered.
They are both HP G61-420CA
Batteries both list the same replacement part.
We are sure that the problems with their screen and our battery are just that.
I have both sitting on my desk, so if you need pictures or other info I can get it.
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  1. It will work just fine.
  2. Thanks for replying so fast, but just to be clear, putting their hard drive in our laptop will work? And will there be anything else I need to do to set it up? I'm not sure if the drivers and such are both on the same update.
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    Since the laptops are identical, all of the hardware is identical. You don't need to do anything insofar as it booting up and functioning. You might want to check for driver and Windows updates, but insofar as it booting up to the desktop and functioning properly: it will.
  4. Thanks alot then knight, I'll do it right now.
    I can't help but think that this is exactly how the internet should be.
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