Will the GDDR5 graphics card work with a DDR3 motherboard??

Hey guys,

I chose the ASUS GTX760 2GB GDDR5 graphics card with the ASRock z97 EXTREME4 DDR3. Is it wrong to choose GDDR5 graphics card with the DDR3 motherboard? will the my motherboard be able to display the maximum capabilities of mo my graphics card?? OH, yeah, almost forgot, thank you in advance.
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  1. Yes, you can use that video card with your mobo. The form of VRAM on a graphics card has nothing to do with the type of RAM used by the motherboard.
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    GDDR5 and DDR3 are very different memory for different things. To answer your question though no you did not choose wrong. This will work perfectly together and your motherboard will not bottleneck your new GPU.
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