Will plugging in my buddies GPU mess up setting for mine?

My brother in law is currently building a PC, except he is really only "allowed" to get one piece a month. He is coming over tomorrow and was wondering if he could plug the GPU he just got into my machine to make sure it works as it will still be a few months before he will have the last few parts.

1) Will putting his in mess up settings/drives for mine?

2) If not how can we tell if his is working beyond the fan turning on?

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    If the card is working it should give video, so connecting the video cable is necessary to know it's working.

    If the GPU is installed on the same PCIe x16 slot the settings may change but if you don't change settings manually, when you replace your card, your old settings should take over.

    If your motherboard has more than one PCIe x16 slot, better use that for your brother in law's card.. and connect the cable to it to know it's working. Any automatic or manual settings you do on that card should be exclusive for that card and when moving the video cable to your card, your old settings should take over.
  2. So long as both are AMD or Nvidia and you have the necessary power requirements covered for either card, it should be just a straight swap, providing the latest stable drivers are in use.

    If one of you have an AMD and the other Nvidia, that will require driver removal for your GPU, installing drivers for his GPU and doing this in reverse to put your GPU back in. Just takes a bit of time. Download his drivers and keep them conveniently on the desktop; remove your drivers; go through the prompts; when pc restarts shut it down, unplug, open etc; replace your gpu with his and start pc; install his drivers and go through motions; give it a good thrashing in some games. Reverse procedure to put yours back in.
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