PC keeps freezing in games after I've added a dedicated gpu

So I just got my gpu today and after playing a game with a friend (APB Reloaded) my whole PC freezed and it made a buzzing noise(form repeating the last sound i guess) a couple of times.I had to restart it every time( 3-4 times I think).My PC is brand new and I played the same game yesterday with the integrated graphics ( The gpu came a little late) and it was just fine. I ran a couple of benchmarks (Furmark, unigine, 3dmark11) and it was fine and performed well. So could u help me out with this? Also could this problem be from only plugging one PCI-e cable that has 2 x 6+2 pins?
Btw this is my setup:
i5 4670k
Gigabyte gtx 780 ghz edition
Kingston Hyperx beast 8gb 2133mhz cl11
Gigabyte G1 Sniper Z 87
Samsung 840 EVO 120 gb (OS and apps)
Seagate Desktop 1tb sata3 (games)
Seasonic m12ii 850w bronze
Corsair H75
Raidmax Viper GX
2xCougar Dual X
Windows 8.1 x64
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  1. You need to plug in both power cables into your GPU. Otherwise it will not work properly. That is highly likely the problem you have.
  2. U mean plug 2 cables and only use 1 out of the 2 6+2 pins from both cables? I will try that and see if it stil freezes
  3. So I played some grid autosport and it froze again. I took a look at the temp displayed in game and the card was 78 degress.Is it overheating? I have 6 fans in my case so thats not the problem. I played a frame capped game before and the card was just fine with 50 % load.
  4. Ok. I guess that didn't help. That card temperature is on the high side, but it should still be ok.

    What's the temperature of your processor under load? Run Prime95 while monitoring your CPU temperature. It might be a good idea to check your memory also.
  5. This sounds strange. Have you made sure to update your drivers?
  6. I found another thing. When the card si used it makes a buzzing noise that can I can hear easily when the side panel is off.I tested the fans and they werent a problem so I guess its electrically. Is it normal? I'll try and run prime but how should I use it? the first time i ran it(a torture test) after the third line-thing it got at around 80 C ( normally in games it never passes 55-60 degrees when 50-70 % load). I managed to make the card womehow stable though (now I can run Unigine heaven 4.0 at 80 (which is the max the card will run at without downthrotling), before that it stoped at 78 degrees.(reinstalled the drivers)
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