(dell) motherboard replacement for screen problem- Am I being ripped off ?

(laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3521 bought from Amazon US)

I am smelling something fishy about my laptop repair so I came for advice.

My laptop developed vertical lines (easy, change the LCD unit), I then opened up my laptop to disconnect the LCD unit from the mobo to check the part number, on plugging back my screen it got screwed. Basically whites appeared teal coloured, there were lots of pinks etc.. but essentially only ***some*** colours changed (greens remained relatively normal).. there was no distortion of image... just certain colours changed. (laptop obviously perfectly usable). I connected via hdmi to a 2nd monitor and no problems... colours appear as they should..

I took it to get repaired and they told me that the motherboard needed to be replaced because the GPU is screwing up... he mentioned something about 2 controllers on the mobo (one for the laptop screen and one for external monitors hence why it is outputting normally to a 2nd monitor). I went to see this personally, he had a new monitor hooked up to it and said it would occasionally flicker/'come and go' however I didnt notice anything.

What is your opinion of this?
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    Hi, if you have a good picture on the HDMI port, that means the GPU is good. But the LVDS port (screen) and the HDMI port are not connected to the GPU, the informations are passing thru the PCH (HM76). So, the problem could be the PCH, the screen or the wire connecting the screen to the motherboard.
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