What is the best desktop Wireless card for gaming (Any price)

I'm no expert when it comes to this. I want to know the best possible wireless card I could get for my gaming desktop. I don't care about price as long as it is stable and as good as Ethernet cable (or closest possible).

1- I have the following router
2- Router is very close and in the next room and door of that room is always open ( about 15-20 feet from me) walls are not thick so signal is really good
3- I have the following motherboard (and I have my AMD Radeon 7970 installed on it if that is relevant)

It is impossible for me to get Ethernet cable for reasons.
I will really appreciate good answers :). Thank you!
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    Generally the best card will be a pci card that has external antenna that can be mounted away from the pc. This is the current one a lot of people like

    Still it does little good to buy this fancy nic card and connect it to a old 802.11g router like the one you have.

    None of this really makes a lot of difference to gaming performance. Games need very consistent data delivery speed with no packet loss. The total bandwidth is not all that high. No wireless can even think to come close to ethernet. Ethernet is almost immune to data corruption from external interference. The quality of your wireless signal is more effected by your house and where you live than the equipment you buy. If you live in a environment with lots of other people using wireless you will likely get substantial interference which will cause delays in the packets and packet loss. This is completely and totally unpredictable. Some house you can play games fine other you get massive lag spikes. All you can do is try and see how well it works and unfortunately some routers work better in some houses for gaming but that is not predictable.

    It is much easier to figure out which routers/nic to use when you are talking normal application that tolerate small amounts of packet loss and jitter which you always see on wireless.
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