Why is my HP laptop with 8gb ram and an AMD A8 6410 lagging when I run games?

Hi everyone, I recently bought this laptop for work:, and thought I would try it out at the weekend, knowing that it is capable of running games on decent settings. So I plugged the charger in, changed the power plan, changed the video power settings, looked through catalyst to make sure that it would run on high performance, but it lagged horrifically, and on fairly low settings in games like minecraft and Sonic and Sega all stars racing transformed. Can someone please help?
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  1. It has an AMD A-8 APU in it, 5400 rpm drive, no discrete graphics, its not designed to run games.
  2. Not even low end games like minecraft?
  3. It might even struggle to run them, Minecraft is fairly CPU intensive.
  4. My friend has a worse cpu and gfx card than me and he can run it fine.
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    Your laptop is not designed for gaming. It is designed for school/work and light loads. Running demanding games like minecraft will cut your laptop life and cause problems later on down the road.
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