Acer FSB133 MoBo Front Panel Pinout

I need to know the pinouts of the Front panel connector on the Mobo, (not the cable) but in recognisable English, not like the symbols in the service manual diagram. I am taking the board from an Acer Veriton and putting it into another, more modern case and the front panel connectors are split. The pin diagram in the manual uses terms like 5v_sys (which is probably OK) and GPIO_GRN_HDR_R (?). Online help has been limited and manuals no help, ( a f/p MB connector diagram would be good), so any help here would be appreciated.
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  1. It would be a big help if you provided links to those manuals, as they are the first place that any of us would look?

    What model of motherboard is it? Just knowing the front-side bus speed doesn't tell us much. (FSB133 - Front Side Bus runs at 133 Mhz).
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