Minecraft FPS terrible on new build

I recently built a pc so I could record Minecraft on high FPS, but im only getting 100 fps on quite bad settings, and around 40 when i record which is terrible. Idk what i did wrong, the setup is quite expensive.

CPU: fx-8320
GPU: sapphire r9 280x
Motherboard: asrock 980de3/u3s3
with 8GB ram

any suggestions?
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  1. Try getting optifine, Or download a past version and see if the issue persists, update your graphics drivers, and whatnot if you *just* built it. I've heard some people complaining about performance issues in 1.8.
  2. Well minecraft is cpu intensive and AMD cpus aren't that good. I usually run max on everything except rendering 10 blocks with my 8320
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