Need help, Macbook Pro 15 or a Gaming laptop

I need help deciding if I should get a macbook pro or some other gaming laptop. Im not going to use it for gaming as much unless a friend comes over to my house or im out at a friends house. Just really need something with enough power to do my work on and if i so chose to play a game here and there. Also just want something relatively lightweight carrying back and forth from work and soon maybe school. Price isnt a issue. just kind of want quality and something that's going to work, Ive had a bad experience or two with just normal laptops, they were HP and had the new amd A series in it and none of the drivers ever worked correctly. Thanks for the help
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  2. Well that depends on games you want to play the mac os has much less support for games and is generally worse for gaming and in my opinion everything else too. A windows gaming laptop will probably come with a much better video card so that will help with gaming. But idk its personal preference the mac will probably be easier to live with if your a novice with computers.
  3. Honestly I don't really play that many games maybe mostly blizz games and that was going to be on its own partition with windows 7, but seeing as im going to need something to preform well in a business environment I was thinking mac because most of those never have and issue. I will be getting a new haswell e desktop soon possibly to replace my amd build.
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    I would say gaming laptop as the best configuration you can get for the mac is the one with the gt 750m but you have to spend over £2000 for it which in my opinion is not worth it. Only get the mac if you are an image or video professional as they have a good adobe rbg and srgb values and good color accuracy. Otherwise you can get a better windows laptop for the same price and will have a better support for games. I am guessing you need a laptop that is light so you may want to look into the razor blade pro which is a 17 inch laptop and should be enough for work and for the occasional game. Other alternatives include msi ghost.
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