My computer always froze after 30 mins to 2 hours and the southbridge is extremely hot and need to cool itdown to use again

Hi im new here and i just want to seek help with my pc. Last week my video card had a spark and my pc shutdown and it wont start until i remove the video card. So i use my computer now wth out videocard.Then the day after the incident my PC starts to hang after i use it for 30mins to 2 hours and need to shutdown and i check the chipset and its hot that i cant touch it for 5 secs and when i open t again it wont boot and what i will do is reseat the wiring and ram inside the unit then it will work again and it will hand again and need to reseat again for me to use it. What could be the problem? my Mobo is asus p5kpl-am se
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  1. its probably best if you don't use that system.Sent the motherboard to asus get it serviced or get a new one.Since you said you saw a spark and because the video card is fried(not working)it's highly likely that some of the components in your mobo is dying too.That's the reason your south bridge is getting extremely hot.

    Explaining why after rewiring,you system starts is very hard to tell.It may be due to a variety of reasons.

    Have your psu inspected or change it too if you get a new motherboard or get the current one serviced.
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    i ma agree with him and if you still want to use that machine you should install a good cooler for that because it seems that your machine is having the problem with the cooling that may be the reason for that spark in your video card.

    and i suggest u to replace the motherboard and psu.

    which will e the best for u. if you are having problem with budget then you can go with previous solution.
  3. What can be the cause of the sparks on my video card?
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