what's the best gpu? I wondered if a 770 is plenty good enough for games right now

I know a 780 is better, but how much better is it? I want to play games for the next 5 years or so with great settings.
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  1. With an adequate processor to back it up, the GTX 770 is fine for all games today. Over the next 5 years or more... who knows? Is the 5 year old Nvidia 9800 GTX still adequate?
  2. If you're looking for a future proof gaming setup, you should consider a gtx 780 ti in an SLI setup.
    Also consider a high end CPU like the devil's canyon line from Intel because the gaming setup will be a lot different in 5 can buy one gpu now and add another after a year or two maybe.
  3. Advancements come every year, and a year from now, regardless of what you get, you'll prob see other rigs that are much faster that you will want to move up to, I'd go with what you are comfortable with now (money wise) and just see how long it keeps you happy...the component world is too ever changing, might get a 780TI today and then find that maybe the 980 when it's released (prob within 30 or so days) is even much better and possibly cheaper. (have had that happen to me numerous times ;) ), or buy today only to see prices plummet within a few days/weeks
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    I have a q9450 with a Radeon 7770. I purchased that system in 2008 and upgraded the video card to 7770 in November 2012 While the system doesn't handle games on ultra settings or on multiple monitors, it handles all the current games. Unless you must play at the highest settings, generally something that will handle games on highest settings today will handle games five years from now. My system didn't even handle the most demanding games at highest settings, when I purchased the system. Yet it still handles today's games.

    If you start with a top performance system today and/or build in a reasonable upgrade path, you'll be in even better shape. You can SLI or Crossfire to two cards, overclock or upgrade to a newer processor for your motherboard, and/or add more system RAM.
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