Is NVIDIA GeForce 820 M , With i5 4200 @1.7GHz 2.4Ghz and 4gb ram not enough to play gta 4 at recomanded settings ?

I have a laptop with intel i5(4210U) processor CPU @1.7GHz 2.4 GHz
A GPU from NVIDIA 820M (340.1 Driver version) 2gb video memory.
4GB of RAM .
According to what I heard 1gb of graphic processor
intel i3 processor and 4 gb of ram is enough to run gta 4 with recomended settings.
But I am still not able to run the game properly. Encountering lags and graphic glitches even at the lowest settings and resolution
I did update my gpu driver but I am still not sure about the cpu's.
do I need to do something to maximize my hardware's consumption atleast till the extent to play gta 4?
Thank you guys in advance. sorry for my wrong grammar and typing errors.
I will be very obliged if you help me by answering my doubts and sparing your precious time .
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  2. i7Baby said:

    Adding A 4gb stick would help , right ? I will try doing that .
  3. Yep - make sure it's identical to the stick already in there or you'll most likely have problems.
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