Getting a used power supply, should I get very old tier 2 or slightly old tier 3?

Hey guys,
So I am on a budget and wanted a good PC so obviously I am getting used.

My specs are an i5-3570 processor and an r9-270x graphics card.

Now for this I can either get like very old tier-2 PSU like the antec neo HE or trio,
or I can get a slightly old (~1 year used) tier 3 PSU like Corsair VS series.

Dont live in the US so there aren't many options.

Going to get a 550W PSU to be on the safe side because since it will be used, it may provide less than the rated power

Which would be the 'better' option.

Thanks in advance
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  1. michaelhall said:

    thanks but can't get from ebay. I live in asia.

    Here are some of my options. I'd realy rather spend as little as possible..

    Silverstone Zeus 650w => $38
    Cooler master extreme 2 525w => $35
    antec trio 550w => fan changed but otherwise working=> $15

    cooler master gx 550w => $35

    antec true power 2.0 550w => $20
    antec basiq power 550w => $35
    antec neo he 550w => $35 => buyer probaby buys in used in quantity. might be refurbs?

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer => $40

    Thanks in advance.
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