Seagate external hdd dropped. Spins up, stops and then beeps

TLDR at bottom.

I wound up dropping my external hdd about a foot or so onto hard ground while setting things up at a LAN party on friday (in hindsight probably not the best idea to bring it in the first place). When I plugged it in less than an hour after it happened there was a clicking noise, barely audible, that happened every ~5 seconds, no plates spun.

I left the drive alone until Sunday, get back home and re-setup everything. Now when I connect it the plates will spin up for about 5-10 seconds before stopping, and it makes these sounds (Background noise is my desktop, recorded with phone on top of drive)
Also when connecting it to my computer now it will sometimes try to download drivers for a "Mass Storage Device" which i'm assuming is my external. However a light on the drive which shows when the drive is connected to anything never lights up.

I don't really have anything important on there, at least not enough to think about sending it to a recovery service. but it did have about a 2 years worth of downloads along with my entire steam folder(~650gb worth of stuff in all) and with 3.5mbps down on a great day and a spotty connection at best I don't want to have to re-download anything if I have any alternative.

My questions boil down to this. What exactly is wrong with the drive based on the sounds it makes, and Is there any method/chance of getting my drive to operate correctly again or retrieving my data off of it?

Dropped external drive.
This sound
Whats wrong? Any fix?
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    It is extremely likely you have significant physical damage to the hard drive (and the sound isn't making me doubt that). Generally speaking, when a hard drive goes, it goes. There's sometimes a chance that the damage is to the PCB, making a new PCB from a donor hard drive something to try if it's extremely crucial information that was poorly backed up. My best guess is that without an expensive seance to retrieve the data, your hard drive has ascended to PC heaven.
  2. Send it for data recovery.
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