I building a computer and I need to know how many watts I need to support the MSI Z87 G45 motherboard along with a EVGA GeForc

Building a custom computer
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  1. What CPU and GPU is it?

    Add to add that it is a good idea to add the description the the description section not the title bar.
  2. Need more information:

    - CPU being used
    - GPU being used
    - Case and cooler being used
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    If you are getting the GTX 900 series, they pull between 130 and 150 watts and require a minimum PSU of 500W.

    GTX 770-780ti ~ 250 W requiring a min 600W PSU
    GTX 760 - 170W req. min 500W PSU
    GTX 750 - 55W req. min 300W PSU

    Everything extra you put in a PC adds to the total power usage, some more than others. Search Power Supply Calculator. Also make sure your power supply has enough (if needed) extra cpu 4/8 pin connectors.

    Have fun!
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