Folder Disappeared in Win7 but still occupying HDD space

Hi all,

I have a folder full of large DVD ISO files (about 80 GB worth). When I wanted to do some clean up to free up some space, I couldn't find the folder at all. It disappeared

I did not do other manual or automatic cleaning/archiving before that. I also did not noticed when the folder started disappearing. (it was certainly their a few months ago though)

When I highlighted all the folders in the drive (including hidden and system folders) and checked the properties, it doesn't tie up with the total "used space" shown in "properties" dialogue in "My Computer"

Clearly, the disappeared folder and files are still taking up the space. Would be great if anybody could help to recover those file.

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    Hi, you could approach this from a data recovery perspective.
    Try 'Recuva' (freeware) and I expect you'll have to use the deep scan mode.
    Recovery success of course depends on whether the files have been overwritten.
    Another tool that may help without being too technical is

    If you succeed in recovering the data (to a different disk or partition of course!) you probably should recreate the whole of the ?damaged? partition or disk, or at least run chkdsk
    Good luck
  2. I've done this by accident many time where I's attempting to copy a file and somehow a folder disappears. I begin to search the surrounding folders where I accidently drag and dropped it to. If your space is the same then thats what you probably did. You could also check the recycle bin (I've deleted files when I ment to rename them before).
  3. Before resorting to data recovery software the first thing you should always do is run CHKDSK against the drive to repair any filesystem corruption. Quite frequently this is the only thing that has to be done.
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