New Graphics Card Won't Display

Hey guys, I'm having an issue getting my new R9 280 up and running. I install it, plug in the 8 and 6 pin power cables and HDMI. I power up my rig and nothing; no post, no display whatsoever. My mobo gives an error code of 62, which after a search suggests its a chipset issue or something to do with the graphics card itself. But I am not seeing what the problem could be, my drivers and BIOS are all up to date. I'm posting this on the same rig with my old HD6870 card, which works beautifully.

Said rig:
Thermaltake 850W PSU
AMD FX 8350 @ stock speeds
Windows 7 pro x64

Any ideas?
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    Try testing the card in a different rig. If you get the same results the card could be faulty in which case RMA it for repair / replacement.
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