bios recognizes hard drives but windows is not

recently swapped cases and redid all the cabling, same hard drives, same mobo, same OS.
but now my hdd's aren't being recognized in windows even in disk management (did a rescand and refresh and nothing happened), the bios see's all hdd's and ssd's however, both ssd's and hdd's are connected though gstata 3, with appropriate cables, all are under IDE channel controller (I know i need to change it to AHCI or RAID), ima try and connect the hdd's to gsata 2 instead to see if that's it. any help would be appreciated.
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  1. What happens when you change it to AHCI?
  2. slaytonsonline said:
    What happens when you change it to AHCI?

    im pretty sure it's faster read write speeds or something im not quite sure,

    but i have fixed the problem, it was because the hdd's could only support gsata 2 and i had them connected to gsata 3
  3. glad you fixed it!
  4. changed hdd's physical location from sata 2 to sata 3
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